Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

admin January 18, 2021

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder affecting millions of people across the country. The disorder is sometimes called manic depression because the affected person experiences highs and lows associated with the condition. If you suspect that you might be bipolar, you likely want to know more about the signs and symptoms. Although nothing takes the place of your doctor, the following list contains a look at some of the most common signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder. Use this information to better determine if it is time to seek professional psychiatric services in harahan, la.

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·    Confusion

·    Inattentiveness

·    Assertiveness

·    Moodiness

·    Impulsive behaviors

·    Anxiety

This list of symptoms are among the most common that a person experiences when dealing with bipolar disorder, but this certainly is not a complete list of the signs and symptoms. Each person experiences them at different severity as well. Even the bipolar person may note different severities of the condition.

People of any age can be diagnosed with bipolar disorder although many doctors are reluctant to make a diagnosis in teens or younger.  It is usually diagnosed when a person is in their early 20s but this is not the case in every situation.

Many times bipolar disorder is misdiagnosed. It is sometimes diagnosed as depression while other times it is mistaken for ADHD. The symptoms often mimic one another. That is why treatment can take some time for some people. Once a proper diagnosis is made, treatment can then begin and you can enjoy a normal life as you treat bipolar disorder.

Do not give up if the first line of treatment does not work because the doctor still has plenty of treatment options available. Medications are most often used to treat bipolar disorder. Lifestyle changes are also important to make if you want to better deal with this condition.