Self-Abuse Issues Worked Out

Self-Abuse Issues Worked Out

admin January 18, 2021

Substance abuse could very well be a form of self-abuse or self-harm. It is perhaps left up to the clinical psychologists and clinical therapists administering substance abuse treatment in jupiter, fl to make that determination. Their ongoing consultations with their patients could form part of what is known as the dual-diagnosis treatment. You would need to consult with them directly to find out exactly how this form of therapy works.

You would also need to find out from them and their associated caregivers how they approach patients who show clear evidence of self-abuse or self-harm issues. Now, these folks have not necessarily reached that point where they wish to end their lives, as in committing suicide. But at their level of depression, it comes out all wrong. They really do not like themselves very much. And the only way they can hate themselves is by inflicting harm.

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One common form of self-harm is that of substance abuse. Of course, substance abuse will occur for any number of other reasons. And again, it is left up to the clinical psychologist and/or clinical therapist to make that determination. Getting patients off of their drugs and/or alcohol is of course a matter of high priority. But once success is achieved in this line, the glass of milk is simply only half full.

There is still a way to go before the end is reached. The psychologists and therapists still need to find out why these folks are taking the drugs to the extent that they do, why they are tippling over with the bottle, why they are smoking two, three packets of cigarettes a day, and so on, and so forth. Substance abuse is certainly not a form of delinquency or reckless endangerment. There are root causes.